About Us

Welcome to Flowers On The Way!

Our Story
Flowers on the Way, your chosen flowers delivered right away!

The journey of Flowers on the Way began in 2014, when its founder Diaa Nadam started delivering the best flowers in Dubai from his car’s trunk.

Yes, he used to have all the materials and tools in his car and when you called, he would procure the flowers, do the magical floral arrangements, and deliver them to the you. Putting you in the center of how we serve and deliver you flowers, has made us successful in less than a year with a fully operational florist shop in Dubai.

We believe that the best and freshest blooms have to be easily accessible—and this is how we function in our everyday operations.

We want you to continue sharing your precious moments with us. Your smile is what energizes us, and your feedback keeps us going.

What’s next?
The overwhelming support and high demand from you is we have decided to expand our services.

We would not have achieved this level of success without your support. So, this year onward, we will make it a mission to reciprocate and pay back that support. More flowers, competitions, events, occasions, and so much more is coming. Stay tuned!