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  • A New Day Bouquet 160.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of White Roses with Single Ruscus in Black Wrapping

  • Alicante 230.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Red Roses with Single Ruscus in Gold Wrapping

  • Andorra 440.00 د.إ

    Ideal for elegant weddings and big celebrations, this bouquet of gravity roses guarantees to brighten every room!

  • Bed of Roses 400.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Pink Spray Rose and White Newspaper

  • Bilbao 450.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of White Baby Rose with Eucalyptus in Blue Plastic Wrapping

    This beautifully arranged bouquet comprises of white baby roses and eucalyptus—simple yet classy for a nice summery day!

  • Bombastic 470.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Bombastic Roses with Eucalyptus in White Wrapping Paper

    Highly demanded for weddings, this bouquet is a premium touch for your special day—beautifully arranged and tastefully finished with eucalyptus and white wrapping paper.

  • Bruges 370.00 د.إ

    Bring grace to a whole new level with this bouquet of peach roses with eucalyptus—its stunning arrangement makes it versatile for all types of celebrations.

  • Como 300.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Purple Wax with Brown Paper Wrapping

    Wish your loved ones lasting success with this stylish bouquet of purple wax flowers that mirrors new beginnings and happy memories.

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    Dreamy Peonies 350.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Pink Peonies with Eucalyptus in Brown Cover

    Out of stock

  • Fano 300.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Green Hydrangea in Brown Wrapping Paper

    A symbol of good fortune and prosperity, green hydrangeas make for a perfect gift if you want to wish your friend success in their new ventures and journeys.

  • Florence 450.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Yellow Baby Rose with Eucalyptus in White Wrapping Paper

    Brighten the day of your loved ones with his beautiful bouquet of yellow baby roses and eucalyptus for any type of occasion.

  • Georgia 210.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Gravity Roses with Single Ruscus in Light Green Wrapping

  • Granada 310.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of White Carnation in Brown Wrapping Paper

    Wish your friends the best of success with this beautiful bouquet of white carnation—flowers that symbolize purity and luck.

  • Hand Bouquet of Pink and White Roses 110.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Pink and White Roses in White Plastic Wrapping

  • Heather 320.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Purple Roses with Acrylic Happy Birthday and Eucalyptus White Ribbon

    Take someone’s birthday celebration to a whole new level and give them this elegant bouquet of purple roses—real head turners in every celebration!

  • Kavala 360.00 د.إ

    Bouquet of Kahala Roses with Eucalyptus in Light Brown Plastic Wrapping

    What sets Kahala Roses apart from other flowers is its beautiful bloom and amazing scent, and so this bouquet will let your loved ones know how you appreciate their uniqueness and beauty—a romantic gift indeed!

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